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Posted on: March 29, 2008 1:14 pm
Its funny, we are getting little to no love by anyone. And why? Just because they are Carolina. The media love child. Sure UNC is a good team but they arent this good, they arent good enough to be guaranteed a spot in the championship game. This team gets more hype than their team in 2005 and they were at least 4 times as good.

This is why UL will win tonight.

The 4 spot. PF is by far UNC's worst position in their starting 5. We just happen to have Earl Clark. E5 will be able to dominate all day. Earl is a matchup problem for anyone they want to throw at him.

The 5 spot. Between David Padgett and DC, Hansborough will get dominated offensively. DC has exactly what TH doesnt want to see, he doesnt want a physical game only problem is Im sure DC will get called for all kinds of offensive fouls because its UNC. On the other side you have DP with about 3 inches of height, Im sure Tyler will get sick of trying to defend DP's hook shot.

If Duke can beat this team and come close to another win Im sure we can do the same. Should be a great game, but I look for UL to win. Pitino will have these guys ready.
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Posted on: March 29, 2008 8:15 pm


I think that Pitino will try diligently to slow down the pace of the game, as that would fall right into UNC's hands. However, I think that the game will be played in the low 80s at a minimum, just as the 'Ville's game against ND was. And I think that Earl Clark should be the primary weapon used against Ellington; he should shadow him all game...

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Posted on: March 29, 2008 7:45 pm


Im almost positive it wont get that high of a score but I agree with Ellington, thats the only position we will be out sized at. We play a zone primarily so we wont have anyone on him all the time but if you saw any of the UT highlights you can see Earl Clark closes really quick on 3 point shooters, so that should be interesting to watch. I dont think anyway Pitino lets the game go to the 80+ I think its won in the 70's somwhere

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Posted on: March 29, 2008 5:30 pm


UNC has, by far, the easiest road to travel to make it to San Antonio (obviously, since they are the #1 #1 seed...). Honestly, I think that Ellington is going to be the 'Ville's toughest matchup. His size, quickness and great perimeter play during the tournament is going to be the X-factor. If Louisville can bottle him up, they should remain close. Caracter vs. Hansbrough will be a intriguing matchup, as well, as both players have great post skills and, most importantly, huge hearts and a burning desire to win. I disagree w/ Hansbrough not wanting a physical game. That guy is a BEAST (he's not called Psycho T for nothin'...) and he thrives on an up-tempo, physical matchup.

It's hard to guage how well a team based off how well another team played, especially when you're talking UNC/Duke. That game means more to the Heels and Blue Devils and their fans than anything (other than maybe the National Championship). You, as a Louisville fan, can probably relate since y'all have a rabid rivalry w/ UK...

My prediction: the game gets into a frenetic transition high-scoring affair, accentuating the strengths of both teams, and UNC outlasts the 'Ville 93-82 en route to another Final Four trip.

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