Posted on: March 29, 2008 1:14 pm


Its funny, we are getting little to no love by anyone. And why? Just because they are Carolina. The media love child. Sure UNC is a good team but they arent this good, they arent good enough to be guaranteed a spot in the championship game. This team gets more hype than their team in 2005 and they were at least 4 times as good.

This is why UL will win tonight.

The 4 spot. PF is by far UNC's worst position in their starting 5. We just happen to have Earl Clark. E5 will be able to dominate all day. Earl is a matchup problem for anyone they want to throw at him.

The 5 spot. Between David Padgett and DC, Hansborough will get dominated offensively. DC has exactly what TH doesnt want to see, he doesnt want a physical game only problem is Im sure DC will get called for all kinds of offensive fouls because its UNC. On the other side you have DP with about 3 inches of height, Im sure Tyler will get sick of trying to defend DP's hook shot.

If Duke can beat this team and come close to another win Im sure we can do the same. Should be a great game, but I look for UL to win. Pitino will have these guys ready.
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Posted on: March 27, 2008 5:10 pm

Tonights winners

Wash st

Take it to the bank.

Ok nevermind the WKU pick, Ill take UCLA
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Posted on: March 24, 2008 12:05 pm

Things to look for in Sweet 16

  1. Two 1 seeds will lose. Memphis will likely be one, I want to go out on a limb and say WKU will win as well.
  2. BE will have 2 teams in the Elite 8 no other conference will have 2.
  3. Upsets will continue, WVU, WKU, Villanova and Davidson will have a win or two
  4. UL will continue to demolish opponents, Tenn loses by 15+
  5. Davidson will win again, if they can score on GTown they can score on Wisconsin

I had WKU, Villanova, and WVU in the sweet 16. Unfortunately I also had Gtown and Pitt in the elite 8.
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Posted on: March 11, 2008 10:39 pm

My top 17 Before major Conference Tourneys.

1. UNC- Revenge
2. Kansas- Marquee win? USC at the beginning of the year? This team is poised to fall
3. Tennessee- I dont see them winning the SEC tourney
4. UCLA- Wow what a week. Who payed the refs this week?
5. Memphis- Blew out UAB for a pretty good win.
6. Wisconsin- Who had a tougher week ND or Wisconsin?
7. Texas- Big XII should be a good tourney to watch... Ill take Texas
8. UL- Dropped because
9. GTown- Ill still take UL over GTown, they move up for a good win though.
10. Wisconsin- Darn, I ranked them twice, they moved up alot because all these other teams lost
11. ND- What a tough week they had.. ZzZz, the joys of the Big East
12. Duke- Saw that coming
13. Purdue- Lost and stayed the same because everyone else lost too
14. Butler- Come on Cleveland st
15. Xavier- Finally they lost.
16. USC- Nice week for the trojans, Ill take them or UCLA in the Pac 10 tourney
17. Stanford- "Between UCLA and USC they will lose at least 1. Ill bet they lose 2, and one will be a blow out." Called that one last week.

Ill take Wisconsin, Texas, UL, USC, UNC,  and ??? for the major conference tourneys. I like any SEC team not ranked by the AP this week. The B10 is starting to look like Wisconsin and the scrubs, Purdue is young, Indiana sucks now, MSU is terrible on the road etc etc.
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Posted on: March 9, 2008 9:46 pm

BE tourney predictions

Day One
8/9 Villanova < Syracuse
5/12 WVU > Providence
7/10 Pittsburgh > Cinci
6/11 Marquette > Seton Hall

Day Two
1/9 Georgetown > Syracuse
4/5 Uconn > WVU
2/7 UL > Pitt
3/6 ND < Marquette

Day Three
1/4 GTown < UConn (I dont know about this one)
2/6 UL > Marquette (3rd time this year? Be tough to do)

2/4  UL > Uconn (You honestly expect me to say UL will lose? If so re-read the blogs name.)

Predictions from Saturday

UL > Georgetown
Memphis < UAB

Vandy < Bama
Stanford < USC
>> Northwestern
Marquette >> Syracuse
Uconn < CInci
Kansas < Texas AM
Xavier >> Richmond
Washington st > Wash
UNC >> Duke

8/13 = 61% = Garbage (Ill take the 3 upset misses though)
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Posted on: March 7, 2008 1:39 am

Random Things

Most overrated teams

  1. Butler
  2. Drake
  3. Vandy

<o:p> </o:p>

Most Underrated Teams

  1. West Virginia
  2. Southern Cal
  3. Miss st

<o:p> </o:p>

Dark Horse Conference Tourney Winners

  1. Big 10- Purdue
  2. Big XII- A&M
  3. ACC- Miami?
  4. PAC 10- USC
  5. SEC- Miss st/UK (Vandy and Tenn wont will this tourney)
  6. Big East- Marquette

<o:p> </o:p>

Top seeds come selection Sunday.

  • 1’s= UNC, Kansas, UCLA, Memphis
  • 2’s=Tennessee, UL, Texas, Duke
  • 3’s= Stanford, Duke, Georgetown, Wisconsin
  • 4’s= Xavier, IU, ND, butler

<o:p> </o:p>

Predictions/wishes for saturday:

<o:p> </o:p>

UL > Georgetown
Memphis < UAB
Vandy < Bama
Stanford < USC
>> Northwestern
Marquette >> Syracuse
Uconn < CInci
Kansas < Texas AM
Xavier >> Richmond
Washington st > Wash
UNC >> Duke

If I hit on over half Ill be happy. Actually If I hit UL > GTown Ill be happy

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Posted on: March 2, 2008 11:25 pm

My top 17 for this week (03-02-08)

1. UNC- One of the most talented teams in the nation. Withstood a pretty amazing shooting night from T. Rice (of Boston College) to win by 10.
2. UCLA- Struggled with Arizona today, but because other teams lost this week I had to move them up. I guess in the end struggling is better than losing.
3. Kansas- Fourteen point win over the best player in the nation isn't anything to be ashamed of. Anything less than two 10 point wins this week would be a shock to me.
4. Tennessee- Wasnt overly impressed last week and I'm still not.  Lost to Vandy, and struggled with a UK team without their best player. I was planning on picking UK to win prior to PP going down for the year and its pretty obvious who the better team of the two is. Not to say Uk should be ranked this high but for some reason they just stack up well with Tennessee. If they played again with PPat Id pick them to win again.
5. Memphis- You dont get to move up when  you beat southern miss and Tulsa, its in the rules.
6. Texas- Losing to Texas Tech is pretty bad, especially when the game wasn't too close until the end.
7. Louisville- ND came back and hit about 50 ridiculous 3's in the final 2 minutes. If it wasnt for that the game would have been a much bigger advantage. Then a win over a Villanova team that took Georgetown to the wire and beat UConn recently. Pretty solid week.
8. Xavier- Still havent watched them play.
9. Wisconsin- Beat a pretty good team in Michigan st. I think thats a pretty good week.
10. Stanford- Ill drop them after next week, I promise. Between UCLA and USC they will lose at least 1. Ill bet they lose 2, and one will be a blow out.
11. Georgetown- #1 luckiest team in the nation. If they get lucky on saturday, I will be heated.
12. Duke- Luckiest team of the week. Beat NCst by 1 when they were down by 15. Some would call this skill, I call it luck that will end come tourney time.
13. Purdue- Won 2 games this week. Something none of the big ten teams that follow will be able to say.
14. Butler- Ended up dropping them this week for no good reason. I think the three teams ranked above could all beat Butler so its hard to keep them ranked high.
15. UConn- Dysons back, we shall see if that is actually good or not.
16. Michigan state- Beat Indiana bad enough to get them removed from my list. They drop a spot because they lost to Wisconsin by 15. I feel thats fair.
17. Marquette- Indiana doesnt deserve a ranking after barely beating OSU and getting destroyed by MSU. Also a close win over northwestern doesnt get you any points.
Vandy looked good until they followed up their win over Tenn with a loss to Arkansas.
Drake proved me right....
I chose to put marquette here because they wont lose this week. So its more of a pre ranking because no team deserves to be mentioned this week.

Big Games this Week:
BE= Louisville > Georgetown
ACC= UNC > Duke
Pac 10= UCLA > Stanford
Big 10= MSU and Indiana will both lose to lesser teams this week
Big XII= Texas AM > Kansas (probably wont happen but they need a win)
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Posted on: February 26, 2008 11:11 pm

Worst Crowd Cheers/Chants

I really have no point in writing this so unless you are very bored I would suggest you leaving now. If you happen to be bored like me read on and prepare to have your boredem linger on.

"Overrated...Overrated"- Nice way to kill a good win. Might as well be saying "if we beat you, you all must be garbage." I never really got the point of this cheer. Maybe Underrated would be more appropriate.. maybe?

Dukes fake dribbling stunt.. No one gives a sh!t if you can bounce your hand up and down.. Also pretty much anything Duke does.

Anything Racist.. Happens all the time in Europe but over here it still happens. Any monkey chants etc are pretty pathetic... yes Seton Hall, this would apply to you.

Spelling stuff wrong on signs just makes you look like morons. If you can come up with a good sign great, everyone can enjoy that. When you make a funny sign and spell a common name wrong it turns from funny to, wow these fans are pretty pathetic. For instance If you happen to be UAB and make a sign that says "We beat Mempis, not our girls" its funny. But  when you somehow misspell a common city that has been in the same conference with you for a lot of years it turns to pathetic.

Storming the court.. Dont storm the court unless its your biggest win in school history. Theres too much parity for you to storm the court. If you are syracuse and just beat a top 10 team, dont storm the court, you just won a national championship a few years ago. No one cares how your season has gone.
I dont really know anything about Vandy but if they win this game (vs Tenn) which looks likely they better not storm the court. I thought vandy was way overrated at the beginning of the night, not sure if I was way off or if its just that both of these teams are way overrated. Once both of these teams lose prior to the sweet 16 I think Ill have my answer.
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